A Comparison of Different Wedding Sparklers

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Many couples are choosing to have sparklers at their wedding these days, and the number of uses you can find for them are virtually endless. Sparklers can make many of the moments at your wedding even more memorable from your photographs to your grand exit at the end of your reception. However, there are many different sizes and colors of wedding sparklers available to buy, so choosing the ones that are right for your needs can be a little challenging. Since you are probably only going to shop for them once in your life, here is a comparison of wedding sparklers to help you see the differences and determine what is best for you.


10 Inch Sparklers

10 inch wedding sparklers are a very popular choice for couples who want everyone to be able to enjoy a few sparklers but don’t want them to override the rest of the reception activities. 10 inch sparklers only burn for around 30 seconds each, so there’s enough time to have some fun and snap a few photos without sparklers burning all night long. They are also the cheapest of all the different sparkler sizes, so they are a great choice for couples who are on a budget.

20 Inch Sparklers

20 inch wedding sparklers are considered by most to be in the “sweet spot” for length and price. Since they are only a little more expensive than their little brothers, they are still very cost-effective and fit into nearly any wedding budget. However, they burn for around 1 ½ minutes each, so 20 inch wedding sparklers will give your guests a much longer experience. This can also save you money if you want to only give out one sparkler to each guest without them feeling like it went out too soon.

36 Inch Sparklers

36 inch wedding sparklers are the biggest version out there, and probably the most popular choice for couples. The biggest advantage that the 36 inch wedding sparklers offer is that they are the longest sparklers for weddings that are available so they have the longest burn duration and burn the brightest. Because of their length, they are also built much thicker to support the additional weight. This means that they not only burn for over 4 minutes each, they also create huge sparkles because of how fat they are.

Color Sparklers

Color sparklers are also around 10 inches long, so they burn for around 30 seconds like the standard wedding sparklers. The major difference with color sparklers is that they come in red, blue, or green color options instead of the traditional gold. If you want something that offers a more colorful experience than a standard gold sparkler, then color sparklers may be up your ally. They cost a little more per sparkler, but it is only slightly and you get the added bonus of colorful sparks in exchange for the extra few pennies.

By knowing what the purpose of your sparklers will be and how many you will need, you can ensure that you make the right selection and that your wedding will be a sparkling success!