Decorating Your Wedding Sparklers

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Many couples use sparklers as part of their wedding these days, but one of the biggest pitfalls is how to blend them into your wedding décor. Sparklers are ugly on the surface, so putting large gray items all over your tables may not seem very appealing. Fortunately, there are some simple ways that you can dress up your wedding sparklers to make them more presentable and match the rest of your wedding theme.

Spray Paint

One of the easiest and most overlooked techniques to make your wedding sparklers match your color scheme is to simply hit them with a little spray paint. Just go to your local supply shop and find a high quality brand of spray paint; it will come in any color choice that you could possible imagine. Just paint them the same as you would anything else and instantly you have changed those ugly gray sticks into something you can be proud to display. Since sparklers burn so hot, they will have no problem searing through that paint as the burn.

Sparkler Tags

You can find them all over the internet and they are an easy way to dress up your sparklers; of course I’m talking about sparkler tags. Each tag slides over the top of a sparkler to make them look a little more suitable for a wedding. They usually have a saying like “let love sparkle” printed on the tag, or you can spring the extra money to have them custom printed with your names and wedding date on them.


Ribbons, just like sparkler tags, are another great way to dress up plain looking sparklers. Sparkler tags are pretty small, so if you plan to give your guests 36 inch wedding sparklers or longer, ribbons are a better choice since you can tie a few different ones on each sparkler. Best of all, ribbon is really cheap and found at any party supply store or dollar store so it work great if you are in a hurry to get things done.


Most couples make centerpieces for each table at their reception venue, and this can be a great way to slip your sparklers in under the radar. If you mix your wedding sparklers in with items like flowers and place them in a vase, they won’t be as noticeable in your décor but will still be easy to access for your guests. You’ll want to place a little instructional card by each centerpiece so your guests know that they’re there, but otherwise it’s an elegant solution for your challenge.

Wedding sparklers are a lot of fun to give to your guests during your reception, but many couples skip them because they are so ugly. With some ingenuity and clever planning, you can disguise those ugly sparklers and decorate them to fit into any wedding theme elegantly.